Why X-Digital

Obviously there are a lot of different aspects relevant in the current IT-landscape. We have gained experience with various company’s in such a way that we have been able to grow to a technical innovation agency.

Why X-Digital?

about us

ICT should not be complicated but supporting your processes instead. With our key principles; result, respect and flexibility we treat our customers. When our customer is not happy have have failed! With open communication we will focus and help you with all our knowledge.


We firmly believe that serving you the way we want to be served we will have a respectful relation and that you will be happy. This is also the reason why we will not take on any assignment.

If we do not add any business value we rather do something els!


Due to our fait in the power of communities we love to work with OpenSource software. We also have a extended network of specialists who are ready to help us and you with complex challenges.

We can also support various produces and that means OpenSource does not have to be scary.

Our Skills

Work proactively
Team player


We rather do a few things perfect then a lot of things just good. So for this reason we have our focus on the next 3 pillars.


When you have the best idea ever but want to have it tested as input for your business case we can help you. We build, test and make a working demo so that we can build your businesscase together.

Business activity monitoring

You want to monitor your KPI’s or visualise your customer journey?!?! We help you creating beautiful, information rich dashboards that wil tell you just that. Do you have other challenges to visualise like IoT data just ask us for the possibilities.

Awesome Support

We are everything but a company with a 9 to 5 mentality! Due to this attitude we are able to respond adequate to your support requests. We will give you support all over the globe and 7*24 hour if that’s required for your company.


With the fast amount of information sources we have available it’s getting more and more challenging to use this on the most efficient way possible.

We develop software -mostly web based- where we want to translate data to information. The goal of the software is the key aspect and the technical tools is helping us reaching our goal. We are working for example with full-stack JavaScript solutions, Node, Angular and MongoDB and Elasticsearch.

Infra and hosting are nothing without the underlaying infrastructure. The best application can’t run without a platform to run in. We have a extended knowledge of Linux, Docker, VmWare, Citrix, Microsoft. With this knowledge we can do your installations for simple to the more complex ones. After the installations are done we can keep supporting your setup if needed.


We can monitor all kind of data-streams, then make dashboards, create reports or alert you in case of problems. Both on premise or as a SAAS solution.


You will come up with a great idea, we will build it with you and demo a working solution as part of your business case.


We use mainly OpenSource software and in house developed code. This means that we have a lot of knowledge and keep costs relatively low.


We have extended knowledge of the Docker platform and can help you migrating your (linux) applications to this platform. Need advice just let us know!


IoT the connecting all kind of sensors to the internet! From car to Fridge from air sensors! everything is possible.


Is BIGData the solution for all you problems? No but you are probably working with it already! We can help you to the next phase …


Everything to the cloud or just some parts? We can help you making the right decisions. We also deliver some of our services as a SAAS solution and that way you are already using the “cloud”


We can help you by scanning your applications, of run trough your IT landscape and point out your vulnerabilities.

What do our clients say;

Obviously we want to know what our clients say about us! here a few examples...


If you have any question please don’t hesitate to mail or call us. We always answer the mail within 1 business day and if you want us to call you don’t forget to add you phone number in the mail.

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